The best MSP Tools: Essential Solutions for Streamlining IT operations


Managed Service Providers offer comprehensive technical IT services to a diverse range of clients. They also understand the significance of evolving technical programs and tools. And since a multitude of IT services and software are available to facilitate MSPs, competition is at an all-time high.

From remote monitoring to service automation to management, many software solutions and services consistently optimize offerings to stand out in the marketplace. A survey involving over 400 MSPs highlights that around 85% of MSPs spot opportunities to drive growth for their businesses.

In this blog, we’ll discuss three of the best MSP tools.


The first tool is ConnectWise; ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise RMM are two RMM offerings of the company and both fall under Unified Monitoring and Management solutions. ConnectWise Automate offers automated capabilities in various hybrid IT environments.

ConnectWise Platform helps you adopt new tools faster and provides effective programming methods. It combines the best of human-based customizations and software automation. One of the hallmark aspects of ConnectWise is that it features pre-defined commands that make it easier to automate complex server and desktop updates.

You also get integrated visualization for agentless management for VMware and Hyper-V. The dedicated program also features automated network scans that visualize the health of integrated devices and systems. On ConnectWise, you get a centralized and intuitive user interface for reports, management of third-party apps, and patching.


The second MSP tool is Jira. This is a robust project management tool that MSPs use to track and manage projects efficiently. With Jira, you can manage Agile as well as Scrum teams. Jira makes it easier to organize the most complicated and comprehensive project tasks.

Jira Core works as a task and project management tool and is designed for non-technical users. With Jira, MSPs can create unique tasks, assign to different team members, set deadlines, and track their progress. Conversely, Jira Service Management is a dedicated solution for IT professionals and is ideal for running high-velocity teams.

The IT landscape is going through a rapid transformation, and MSPs need capabilities to deliver top-tier services. Jira is perfect for MSPs to manage tasks while minimizing potential risks and costs. Besides, the last thing MSPs want is to use disconnected and disparate tools that disrupt workflow and complicate decision-making. With Jira, MSPs can manage their work across different teams on a single platform.


Autotask, powered by Datto, is a cloud-based professional services automation tool that helps MSPs streamline and centralize business operations. Its primary purpose is to assist MSPs in making strategic decisions to improve productivity, profitability, and service. Autotask features custom-designed widgets and mission-critical tools.

One of the standout elements of Autotask is that it features robust analytics and insightful dashboards that visualize actionable insights. Depending on the PSA user, you can customize widgets, tickets, and dashboard categories. You can also set up triggers to improve efficiency and automate the entire workflow.

Autotask features a visual timeline that shows SLAs and helps MSPs ensure standardization with dedicated checklists that recommend strategic actions for ticket resolution. Plus, when used together with Proxuma, MSPs can further enhance their capabilities. Proxuma helps businesses save time on manual tasks and planning, ensuring they always know what to do, when to do it, and how much time is available for tasks.

Final Thoughts

In retrospect, MSPs need solid technical programs and tools to manage operations effectively. From the perspective of MSPs, the idea of using these tools is to achieve greater profitability, efficiency, and productivity.

Jira, ConnectWise, and Autotask are a few of the many programs that are available to MSPs. What’s interesting is that each tool comes with unique features and benefits that allow MSPs to centralize and streamline operations and render better services to clients.