Sprint 35 Release Notes

Release notes

Release 35 (Released June 5th, 2024)

We’re thrilled to announce the latest Proxuma enhancements, focusing on improved security, seamless integration, and a better user experience. This release introduces Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for secure, streamlined logins; enhanced Outlook integration for accurate, up-to-date scheduling; and numerous bug fixes to boost overall reliability and efficiency. Thank you for your patience, with this update Proxuma is more useful than ever!


Seamless and Secure Login: Introducing SSO/MFA 

Proxuma Microsoft SSO


Proxuma introduces Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), streamlining the login process and increasing security. Users can now log in using their Microsoft credentials, while MFA adds an extra layer of protection. Company Admins can easily enable SSO and MFA, ensuring all Proxuma users experience secure, convenient access, aligning with our commitment to user satisfaction, safety, and security. 


To assist you with setting up your SSO/MFA, here are several knowledgebase articles you can reference: 


Set up Microsoft Single Sign-on and Multi-factor Authentication: 



Activate SSO and MFA in Proxuma:  



Microsoft Single Sign-on (SSO) Login Guide:


Enhanced Outlook Integration


The newly improved Outlook has brought significant upgrades to your Proxuma experience. With the new update, Outlook items are updated in Proxuma every 5 minutes, and when you create or delete appointments in Outlook, these changes will reflect in Proxuma within 5 minutes. We have also improved the sync to make it more reliable, ensuring that the correct appointments are shown in both Proxuma and Outlook. 


Also, we have added a Teams link to each appointment to help you connect with colleagues or anyone you forward the meeting to. This also prepares us for our next step, which will allow inviting external or internal people. 


To assist you with setting up your Outlook Sync, below is the knowledgebase articles you can reference: 


Set up Outlook Sync with Proxuma: 



Bug Fixes

Numerous bug fixes were implemented to enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the tool. The resolutions addressed diverse issues, focusing specifically on the Planning Screen and its accompanying features like the Plan Bucket and different Views; Outlook Sync; SSO and MFA. This comprehensive approach has significantly improved the performance and reliability of the tool, ensuring users can navigate and work more efficiently and effectively. 


Future Development

Work can now start on the Projects Module. We have dedicated developers who will now work fulltime towards the realisation of a complete Project Management module. The goal is to enable you to do everything from creation, bulk editing, drag & drop of multiple tasks, viewing multiple projects in one screen, and much more in Proxuma. After we’re done, there should be no reason to work projects from Autotask, excel or any other third party non-integrated tool. We’ve got you covered!

So features coming soon:

  • Customisable Planning Screen Cards, so you see exactly the information you want in the Planning Screen.
  • Bulk Edit functionalities for Project Tasks and Tickets.
  • Saving Project Templates in Proxuma.
  • Viewing Project Revenue, Cost and other Project Financials in Proxuma.
  • Creating functionality for setting up a Compact view. Proxuma works best on a wider screen, ideally an ultra-wide one. However, since not everyone has that, we will implement functionalities that will allow you to work effectively on a “normal HD screen” with a 1920×1080 aspect ratio.
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