Sprint 34 Release Notes

Release notes

Release 34 (Released April 17th, 2024)

Since the past sprint, our developers have been continuing their deep dive into the architecture of Proxuma.. For our ambitious goals of having a near-instant drag & drop experience, it was necessary to take a different approach in the way we talk to the Autotask API. This had further implications in the way elements are loaded within the Planning Screen UI. The work on this aspect is being finalized, giving us a lot more headroom to pack new features into Proxuma.


One of those new features is a long awaited one we’re happy to release: Capacity calculations based on your filtered resources!

New Feature: Capacity bars based on filters 



The Proxuma capacity bar and graph, which is visible both on top of each day as well as on the bottom, has been a staple feature of Proxuma. It is a core aspect of resource management to know how much organizational capacity you have based on accurate, live data. However, it has only been possible to view capacity for your whole organization, which still had a missing piece. It wasn’t that helpful for instances when you only want to see specific data like when you only want the capacity for tickets, not tasks. Or you want to omit completed tickets form the calculation. Now you can.

Dynamic capacity bar

The capacity bar from this release forward will change to whatever you have selected in your filters. The first, most obvious benefit is to start calculating your capacity based on specific teams, or just selected resources from the resources filter.

The next one could be things like skills or department. What if you want to see your organization’s capacity to handle cloud migration projects? That could be a skill or department you could filter by. What about server specialists? Or maybe just level 3 engineers? You can now see their capacity.

Thirdly, you can filter out which service calls affect the capacity bar. So if there are completed service calls in the future, you could make sure they don’t count. Of course you’ll want to be careful not to filter out too much in terms of the kinds of service calls you factor in, as everything you see planned in Proxuma is also planned into a resource’s calendar. So it should affect their capacity.

For projects, what if you want to know how much each engineer is spending per week on a given project? Now you can. Just select the project you’re interested in using the filter, then select the engineer in the “resources” filter. Voila, you now see their hours of work per day, week or month for that particular project. We’d love to see what use cases you can come up with!

Proxuma as a resource management tool

We are very proud of our new dynamic capacity bar, and we hope you’ll love using it. With this new feature, Proxuma can finally fully deliver on it’s promise as a resource management tool. If your organization adopts Proxuma, and with using the philosophy of planned work

you will now be able to accurately predict the workload your organization can handle in the future. You can hire new talent based on real data of when they’re needed. You can take on new clients as your organization becomes ready to receive them. And you can make accurate decisions about which issues to handle sooner rather than later based on real data of everyone’s capacity.


Another speed improvement to the Planning Screen

We’ve significantly improved Proxuma’s overall speed and performance. You’ll notice this the moment you make any changes in the planning screen, whether it be changing the duration of a service call, dragging a project task into someone’s calendar or reassigning a ticket. These items no longer grey out, you can immediately interact with it again after making a change. To achieve this, we’ve had to rework the way we communicate with the Autotask API. Essentially, we’re chopping our API calls up into smaller bite sizes. Adding to this, we’re not having the Proxuma planner wait for the sync to continue manipulating an item. Instead, Proxuma is syncing in the background while you work the items on the front end.


Bug Fixes

Numerous bug fixes were implemented to enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the tool. The resolutions addressed diverse issues, spanning from Display Issues, Outlook Appointments error, log-in issues. This comprehensive approach has significantly improved the performance and reliability of the tool, ensuring users can navigate and work more efficiently and effectively. 


Future Development

We have some exciting new features coming in Q2 2024. Much of what we do is to build a product that addresses the most immediate needs of the largest number of MSPs. Your voice is a vote toward our developers, so never hesitate to submit a feature request to us by emailing [email protected]. Some highlights of what’s coming in Q2 2024:

  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Bulk Edit functionalities for Project Tasks and Tickets.
  • Saving Project Templates in Proxuma
  • Viewing Project Revenue, Cost and other Project Financials in Proxuma
  • Improving the API sync frequency. We are adding a Webhook handler and will replace, where possible, API calls with Webhooks for an instant response and decreased API traffic.
  • Creating functionality for setting up a Compact view. Proxuma works best on a wider screen, ideally an ultra-wide one. However, since not everyone has that, we will implement functionalities that will allow you to work effectively on a “normal HD screen” with a 1920×1080 aspect ratio.
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