Sprint 31 Release Notes

Release notes

Release 31 (Released March 5th, 2024)

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements in Proxuma, bringing even more customization and efficiency to your workflow! With our Outlook Improvement feature, you now have the power to tailor how Service Calls appear in your Outlook Calendar. Plus, the intuitive “Task/Ticket Link” feature allows seamless access to tickets directly in Autotask, enhancing workflow continuity. Meanwhile, our Planning Screen has undergone significant improvements with enhanced department filtering, aligning with user requests for smoother workflow management. Additionally, we’ve bolstered project sorting capabilities, ensuring accurate organization. And of course, we’ve diligently addressed numerous bugs ensuring a smoother, more reliable user experience. These updates reflect our commitment to empowering your productivity and satisfaction with every aspect of Proxuma. Thank you for being part of Proxuma!


Outlook Appearance: Customizing how Ticket/Task Service calls in Outlook


  • We’ve added a new feature in Proxuma that lets you customize how Service Calls look in the Outlook Calendar. A few examples of information that would show up in your calendar are the following:  
    • Task/Ticket Title 
    • Task/Ticket Link 
    • Description 
    • Location 
    • Start date/ End date 
    • Service call status 


    With this feature, your Engineers would only need to look at their calendars to know what tasks and tickets need to be completed for the day. This update gives users more flexibility and customization options, helping them tailor their Outlook experience in Proxuma to fit their needs while keeping everything consistent and efficient. You can now also access the ticket with the intuitive “Task/Ticket Link” that opens directly in Autotask.

You can add anything as standard to Tickets, Tasks and Service Calls with multiple Tickets and/or Tasks.

outlook Customize Appearance Proxuma

  • As a planner, your planned items will come from a central email address you have setup, like “planning@” or “servicedesk@”. That is the organizer of the appointment.
    • As the organizer you can add standard text into each Outlook item, along with almost any Autotask variable. We don’t have access to the Outlook Location field, but you can put the location from Autotask in the title or description of the appointment.
    • Most importantly, you can put a deep link to the ticket or task in Outlook. This way, the engineers have rapid access to the place where you want them to log their time and notes: Autotask.
    • For instance, if you have created a customer visit Service Call with multiple tickets, you can link to all those tickets in the Outlook item. An engineer may visit a customer to do server maintenance, but now that they’re onsite they may as well look at that one malfunctioning switch port. Or do some cable management. This workflow is very common and now very easy to execute, which is a huge benefit for many organizations.


Planning Screen: A Massive Speed boost!

  • Our developers have found a way to allow you to rapidly edit service calls without items greying out or Autotask blocking your work. This frees up the Planner to not have to think about any syncing issues or bottlenecks. Proxuma here is pretty much as fast as can be. A lot of this progress came from our retooling of the API sync, as well as making use of Webhooks. This speed is also applicable to dragging items in from the Plan Bucket. For Projects we are currently building a similar flow, stay tuned for that!


Planning Screen: Enhanced Department Filtering

  • Proxuma updates the Planning Screen’s department filter to meet user requests for better filtering. Previously, the department filter applied to only planned items. With this update, the department filter now targets resources instead, making workflow management smoother by matching user expectations. Now, when filtering by department, resources on the Y-Axis are filtered based on their department, making planned items clearer for those resources. This improvement makes the Planning Screen easier to use and helps users manage department-specific workloads more efficiently. 


Project Module: Chronological Sorting


  • We’ve enhanced project sorting capabilities in Proxuma, addressing the need for better visualization and organization. Now, projects are sorted by company name in ascending order, followed by project start date, phase start date, and task start date, all in ascending order. In other words, Projects now finally present themselves chronologically, a welcome improvement.
  • This enhancement guarantees accurate and consistent project sorting, enhancing the user experience and facilitating efficient project management. 


Bug Fixes

  • Numerous bug fixes were implemented to enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the tool. The resolutions addressed diverse issues, spanning from Display Issues, Outlook Appointments error, log-in issues. This comprehensive approach has significantly improved the performance and reliability of the tool, ensuring users can navigate and work more efficiently and effectively. 


Future Development

We have some exciting new features coming in Q2 2024. Much of what we do is to build a product that addresses the most immediate needs of the largest number of MSPs. Your voice is a vote toward our developers, so never hesitate to submit a feature request to us by emailing [email protected]. Some highlights of what’s coming in Q2 2024:

  • Creating Projects and Tasks in the Project Creation Widget
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Planning in Month View
  • Bulk Edit functionalities for Project Tasks and Tickets.
  • Saving Project Templates in Proxuma
  • Viewing Project Revenue, Cost and other Project Financials in Proxuma
  • Improving the API sync frequency. We are adding a Webhook handler and will replace, where possible, API calls with Webhooks for an instant response and decreased API traffic.
  • Creating functionality for setting up a Compact view. Proxuma works best on a wider screen, ideally an ultra-wide one. However, since not everyone has that, we will implement functionalities that will allow you to work effectively on a “normal HD screen” with a 1920×1080 aspect ratio.
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