Sprint 30 Release Notes

Release notes

Release 30 (Released February 14th, 2024)

We are excited to inform you about the latest updates in Proxuma! In this release, we are thrilled to unveil enhancements aimed at optimizing your planning experience and workspace efficiency. We’ve prioritized enhancing the performance of the Planning Screen, to ensure a seamless planning process that boosts productivity. Also, we’re introducing a new feature to streamline workspace visibility, allowing you to declutter your interface and gain a clearer overview. Lastly, we’ve diligently tackled numerous bugs, ranging from Outlook Appointment inconsistencies to Project module inaccuracies and log-in issues.  


Thank you for being part of the Proxuma journey and for bearing with us as we work towards improving Proxuma to its full potential.  


Enhanced Planning Screen Performance

Planning Screen 14 Feb

  • In every update, we prioritise enhancing the performance of the Planning Screen. In this release, our focus has been on optimising loading times. Understanding the significance of swift navigation and planning, we’ve made significant improvements across all views. Users can now experience a more seamless planning process with faster loading times, promoting productivity and satisfaction. We’re proud to announce that we’ve successfully reduced loading times by half. This update is another step in our ongoing commitment to excellence in every aspect of Proxuma. 


Streamlining Workspace Visibility

Proxuma Hide Unselectable Items

  • We are introducing a new feature that will help to provide you with a cleaner workspace and a more efficient overview. A new setting has been added to your general settings to manage unavailable dropdown options. You can now select “Hide options that can’t be selected’, thereby reducing the interface clutter across the Planning Screen, Plan Bucket, and Project Module. This enhancement reflects our dedication to delivering user-centric solutions and enhancing productivity within Proxuma. 



Bug Fixes

  • Numerous bug fixes were implemented to enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the tool. The resolutions addressed diverse issues, spanning from Outlook Appointment inconsistencies, Project module inaccuracies, and log-in issues. This comprehensive approach has significantly improved the performance and reliability of the tool, ensuring users can navigate and work more efficiently and effectively. 


Future Development

We have some exciting new features coming in Q1 & Q2 2024. Much of what we do is to build a product that addresses the most immediate needs of the largest number of MSPs. Your voice is a vote toward our developers, so never hesitate to submit a feature request to us by emailing [email protected]. Some highlights of what’s coming in Q1 & Q2 2024:

  • Creating Project Tasks in the Project Creation Widget
  • Saving Project Templates in Proxuma
  • Viewing Project Revenue, Cost and other Project Financials in Proxuma
  • Improving the API sync frequency
  • Creating a custom zoom functionality
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