Sprint 27 Release Notes

Release notes

Release 27 (Released January 5th, 2024)

We are thrilled to present the latest advancements in our Project Module, designed to elevate your project management experience. This release brings forth a series of enhancements that not only simplify project creation but also refine the way you view and manage tasks within Proxuma. Let’s dive into the key highlights of this update.

Project Creation from Proxuma

  • We are excited to introduce a significant enhancement to Proxuma, greatly improving project management with a streamlined creation feature. With this update, project managers can create projects and phases in the project module, eliminating the need to switch between applications and do this from Autotask. Utilizing a user-friendly interface, users have a much easier time navigating through the process of project creation. Robust validation and clear error messages ensure accurate data input, while the effective synchronization between Proxuma and Autotask guarantees consistency. This is a stepping stone towards full project Management in proxuma, something which we have scheduled to have finished by the end of February (three sprints). Currently, the widget allows the creation of the project and the phases. The tasks are still created from the Planning Screen, they then appear in Planning and in Projects (and of course in your Autotask). This is still a bit cumbersome. That’s why on the next sprints we will build task creation into the same widget. But what would really accelerate this for Project Managers, is templates. The Autotask API doesn’t allow us to sync your templates into Proxuma, so we will build our own template creation feature in the coming three sprints as well. Be on the lookout for our release notes, Proxuma is very close to solving most Project Manager’s problems!

Streamlined Task Resource and Date Display

Proxuma Streamlined Task Resource and Date Display

  • In response to the needs of project managers for enhanced clarity, Proxuma introduces a refined Task Information view feature. This update is particularly valuable in broader views like the month or year, where each Task information specifically Resources; and Start and End date are now presented in their column. Assigned resources are prominently displayed through icons in the second column from the left, adhering to established visual and functional standards for intuitiveness and recognition. Start and end dates are conveniently shown within the task row in the right column, offering a comprehensive overview. The visual and functional consistency maintained across tasks, phases, and project views, combined with a modular codebase for future developments, ensures an optimized and cohesive user experience. 

Bug Fixes

  • Numerous bug fixes were implemented to enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the tool. The resolutions addressed diverse issues, spanning display problems, usability concerns, and data accuracy discrepancies. As for the Outlook Bug Fixes, we focused on ensuring that data that is being passed on is accurate between Outlook and Proxuma, and also visible on both Proxuma’s Planning and Project Screen. This comprehensive approach has significantly improved the performance and reliability of the tool, ensuring users can navigate and work more efficiently and effectively.

Future Development

Some key focus points of the next three sprints include:

  • Creating Project Tasks in the Project Creation Widget
  • Saving Project Templates in Proxuma
  • Viewing Project Revenue, Cost and other Project Financials in Proxuma
  • Improving the API sync frequency
  • Creating a custom zoom functionality
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