Sprint 24-26 Release Notes

Release notes

Release 24-26 (Released December 13th, 2023)

In this sprint, our main focus was on refining the Project Screen and improving the overall stability and performance of Proxuma. Alongside our core improvements, we’ve also fine-tuned general features like saving layout preferences and introduced advanced filtering options for Appointments. Our commitment to performance optimization, synchronization enhancements, and addressing bug fixes ensures that Proxuma continues to evolve into the powerful management solution you envision. As we move forward, we’re dedicated to shaping Proxuma to meet and exceed your expectations.

What did we do in this release for the Projects Screen

Service Call editing in Projects Screen

  • Service Call Editing aims to enhance workflow efficiency by eliminating the need to navigate to a separate screen for editing them. Users can now initiate edits, perform them live, and save them to a service call directly within the Project Screen. The changes are immediately sent to your Autotask. This is useful for, among other things, quickly editing the description on a service call for if someone needs to add some work during a customer visit.

Outlook Appointments on Project Screen

Outlook Appointments on the Projects Screen Proxuma

  • Users can now see appointments alongside tasks and service calls, enhancing overall project planning and execution. This is a key stepping stone towards making the Projects screen fully function as a project planning tool, where the availability of the associated resources is considered when planning. Currently this happens in the Planning screen and will continue to happen there for tickets, but our vision is for project managers to be able to work from the projects screen from beginning to end. To that end we are working on giving you a glance into the availability of the associated resource as seen on the planning screen.

What did we do in this release for the Planning Screen

Outlook Appointments Filters

  • Users can seamlessly toggle the display of Outlook items, ensuring that only the most important information is at their fingertips, thus optimizing planning and management efficiency. The newly introduced filtering capabilities offer a granular approach, enabling users to refine views based on title and description keywords. This includes the ability to set inclusion/exclusion criteria with specific words or phrases. You can also stack these filters to go as granular as you like, with AND/OR logic.

Notes View on Task and Ticket

  • Users can now easily access regular and internal notes on tickets and tasks within the Plan Bucket with flexible control over visibility. Key features include user-controlled settings in the “Planning Defaults” section.

Customizable Plan Bucket Detail Views

Proxuma Plan Bucket Customizable Views

  • Introducing a highly requested feature for planners, offering the ability to customize visible information in the “Plan Bucket” for Tasks/Tickets/Service calls. Planners now have a toggle to adjust the detail level of item information, streamlining the planning process by reducing the need for frequent scrolling. The new settings configuration allows planners to specify which details appear in the condensed view, promoting a user-friendly interface. Additionally, individual item control enables planners to expand or minimize specific items directly within the bucket, providing a more efficient and personalized planning experience. This update aims to enhance the overall usability of Proxuma Planner for planners seeking a more streamlined and tailored view of their tasks and tickets.

Overall improvements made in Proxuma

Microsoft Single Sign-on (Azure SSO)

  • Our most awaited security feature, Azure SSO is finally integrated into Proxuma. Now accessible under Company Admin settings, the “Single Sign-On” tab allows administrators to effortlessly set up, activate, or deactivate SSO and MFA. Proxuma’s MFA implementation follows Azure AD’s protocols, and a company_admin setting streamlines the MFA login experience, requiring only one authentication per 24 hours.

Sync Optimization

  • In this release, we’re introducing a robust system to enhance the stability and reliability of initial synchronization processes. With a focus on preventing widespread impacts caused by individual sync issues, the system implements improved error handling during the initial sync, reducing disruptions. An automated error recovery process is introduced to swiftly resolve sync issues without manual intervention, ensuring continuous synchronization. Each customer’s sync process is now isolated to prevent errors from affecting others, and an immediate alerting mechanism notifies the Development team and super admins of any sync issues for transparent communication and quick resolution, contributing to overall improved system stability.

Bug Fixes

  • Numerous bug fixes were implemented to enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the tool. The resolutions addressed diverse issues, spanning display problems, usability concerns, and data accuracy discrepancies. As for the Outlook Bug Fixes, we focused on ensuring that data that is being passed on is accurate between Outlook and Proxuma, and also visible on both Proxuma’s Planning and Project Screen. This comprehensive approach has significantly improved the performance and reliability of the tool, ensuring users can navigate and work more efficiently and effectively.

Future Development

Some key focus points of the next sprint include:

  • Creating Projects from Proxuma
  • Improving the API sync frequency
  • Creating a custom zoom functionality
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