Sprint 23 Release Notes

Release notes

Release 23 (Releases November 1st, 2023)


During this sprint, our primary goal was to enhance the functionality of our project screen. We’ve introduced several new features to make the project screen more user-friendly, resulting in a fully functional project screen that empowers you to enhance your project management capabilities. In addition to our core objective, we made enhancements to various general features such as saving layout preferences and filtering by name. We also dedicated efforts to improve performance, synchronization, and address bug fixes. In the upcoming sprint, we will persist in our efforts to ensure that Proxuma becomes precisely what we envision it to be!

What did we did in this release


Save Multiple Filters on Project and Planning Screen 


  • We’re delighted to introduce an upgrade to our ‘save filter and layout’ feature. Now, when you click this button, you can save your filters with custom names, making it easier to organize and reuse them at your convenience.
  • This enhancement allows you to create and select multiple filters, providing you with greater flexibility for an improved user experience. 


Enhanced Service Call Management in Project Screen 


  • Introducing a seamless way to create service calls directly within the Project Screen. By double-clicking on an empty field, you can now swiftly generate a service call, automatically related to the specific Task/Ticket where you’ve clicked. This streamlined process enhances efficiency, allowing you to effortlessly create and associate service calls within the project context. 
  • Now that you can create service calls in the Project Screen, we’ve also enabled the capability to edit them effortlessly. You can seamlessly make adjustments to service calls directly within the Project Screen, providing greater flexibility and control over your project management tasks. 

Line of Business Filter

  • In our continuous pursuit of enhancing functionality, we’ve extended the Line of Business filter from the Planning screen to the Project screen. This harmonization allows you to utilize the same filter in both screens, simplifying your workflow and ensuring a consistent user experience across our platform. 


Bug Fixes

  • Numerous bug fixes were implemented across various aspects of the tool to enhance functionality and provide a smoother user experience. The bug resolutions addressed a wide range of issues, including problems with display, usability, and data accuracy. These fixes significantly improved the tool’s overall performance and reliability, ensuring users can work more efficiently and effectively. 

Future Development

Some key focus points of the next sprint include:

  • Creating Projects from Proxuma
  • Filtering Outlook appointments
  • Saving multiple filters