Sprint 22 Release Notes

Release notes

Release 22 (Releases Oktober 17th 2023)

This release we’ve focused on enhancing existing features to make them more useful to a wider audience. We’re also releasing speed improvements, and are continuing to work to make Proxuma more robust and reliable.

What did we did in this release


New Project Screen Features

  • Resource Visibility – Assigned resources are now prominently displayed on the Project, Phase, Task, and Service Call screens, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of who is responsible for each aspect of your projects. 
  • Enhanced Performance and Speed – To boost performance, we’ve introduced a smart loading mechanism. Initially, only essential company data is loaded. As users click on the collapse button, related data, including phases, tasks, and service calls, is fetched, significantly reducing the initial load time. 


Planning Screen – Line of Business Filters

We’ve upgraded our Smart Filters for Line of Business, providing users with advanced filtering options and improved performance. This enhancement makes data management in the Line of Business section more efficient and precise. You can use Line of Business filter on the “To Plan Bucket” Filters, and on the Planning Screen Filters. The Line of Business filter will then filter the following: 

  • Resources 
  • Tickets 
  • Projects 
  • Contract 

Line of Business is usually used by larger MSPs to indicate groups of core competencies like sales, projects team, second-line support etc. Being able to filter by line of business should make Proxuma more useful for those MSPs.


We’ve introduced subscription flexibility, granting users the choice of monthly, yearly, or 3-year subscriptions, or a 14-day trial from the start. Company administrators can efficiently manage subscriptions within the invoice settings, providing greater control and customization. 

Bug fixes

The new update resolves various bugs and improves performance in our tool. This release brings smoother user experiences and faster interactions. Key highlights include bug fixes for Project Screen, Planning Screen, and UI Improvement. Your feedback was invaluable in making these improvements. 

Future Development

Some key focus points of the next sprint include:

  • Creating Projects from Proxuma
  • Filtering Outlook appointments
  • Saving multiple filters