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Proxuma is used by 30+ MSPs in multiple countries

  • “We have used Autotask for many years but never knew that we wasted so much valuable time with repetitive tasks. We love Proxuma!”

    Luc Pijls Director Arrows ICT B.V.
30+ happy customers
  • With Proxuma we are 100% in control and planning is so easy!

  • Jasper and his team are 100% committed to make sure that this is the only tool we will ever need and keep improving it!

  • We are in the Beta Program but never did feel like that. The team is professional and handles any question the same day!

  • You can even click within Proxuma and it directly opens the Servicecall, Tasks or Ticket in Autotask.

  • With Proxuma we know exactly wenn we have time, not only short term but also months in advance

  • You can see and feel that it’s created by people who really know MSP’s and our needs

  • They even helped me to optimize how we handle scheduled and unscheduled work and gave Autotask tips

  • Since the start of the Betaprogram they keep adding new Features every two weeks.

  • Didn’t know that we would love it soo much. It makes Planning and Projectmanagement so fast!

  • Every request is taken serious, they even improve or add more then we ask.

  • You can see that they know the MSP market

  • They don’t give themself enough credit, glad to be in the Beta program!

  • The whole setup took me less then 10 minutes.

  • Proxuma has a livechat and they respond lightingfast to my questions and create new FAQ’s.

  • Didn’t even ask for it but they try to make it faster and better everytime!

Welcome to your new Planning and Project Management Interface