Release 15

Release notes Placeholder

Release 15 (Released 7/7/2023)

  • Project- and Planning screen improvements
  • Feature: Possible to save filters
  • Bug: Sometime created / assigned ticket disappear
  • Bug: Click on Month/Year screen does not result in details
  • Bug: Fix Companylink
  • Improvement: Don’t allow Saving with inactive items
  • Bug: Indicate sync to Autotask is in progress and plan item is not editable
  • UX enhancement. Don’t allow save if inactive item is associated
  • Remember Filtersettings
  • Client Management: Automatic Onboarding New Proxuma Customers
  • Client Management: Subscriptions and Billing
  • Performance improvements
  • Direct feedback in screen
  • Company Administrator
  • Synchronization enhancements
  • Security and Logging improvements
  • Client Management: Roles