Release 17 + 18

Release notes

Release 17 + 18 (Released) 9/8/2023)

We chose the last few months to redesign Proxuma from the ground up and implemented advanced caching, sync, settings and automations.
That simply took us more time than expected. That’s why release 17 was delayed, but it’s now live!

What did we did in this release:

  • Improved Onboarding Process

We’ve addressed user feedback to improve the onboarding process. Users will now receive clear guidance on the next steps after registering.
Notification Text: We’ve added explanatory text to the onboarding pages, letting users know they’ll receive an email with further instructions.
Confirmation Email: Upon submitting initial information, users will be informed that a confirmation email with a link will be sent for verification.
Sync Completion Notification: After confirming registration, users will receive updates on the completion of the initial sync.
Automated Sync – We’ve automated the initial full sync to provide a seamless onboarding process.

  • Sync Optimalization and redesign

We rebuilt our Sync functionality from the ground up to work around Autotask API limitations and released our newest Sync method.
At this moment we are building our own engine to work around the Autotask API limitations and also make it possible to delete items which aren’t possible through normal API-calls.

  • Automated Invoicing Process

We’ve introduced an automated invoicing system for Proxuma to make sure that you get billed accurately. Invoices are generated on the 15th of each month, calculated based on user roles and numbers. Four invoice rules apply: Engineers, Planners, Administrators and Project Managers.
Implemented discounted pricing functionalities for long term commitments.
Implemented additional discounts so our Sales team can discuss custom pricing for customers with larger numbers of users.
Implemented the possibility to give out free Engineer licenses. This functionality reflects again our desire to give reasonable billing.
We are currently finishing up some details where we excluded roles like API Users, Co-managed Users and Dashboard users from getting billed.

  • Appointments and other Sync possibilities

All appointments on Autotask will now be synced to Proxuma. These appointments will now be available on the Planning Screen along with the Service Calls schedule. This will improve planning so as to not overlap existing appointments with newly scheduled service calls.
At this moment when an Appointment is deleted it will not be deleted in Proxuma. The Autotask API only support deleted Tickets, we are working on a workaround on this and hope to finish it this current Sprint.
Since there are a lot of limitations through the Autotask API we are working on our own Outlook integration so we can read and write directly to Outlook.

  • Time Off Requests

At this moment we don’t show Time Off Requests in Proxuma. The workaround for now is to also add an Appointment so it does show in Proxuma.
We are currently working on our own native Outlook integration and exploring all possibilities. For now, we are not planning to sync Time Off Requests directly from Autotask but want to read and write directly from and to your Outlook Calendar.

  • Line of Business

We’ve upgraded the tool’s synchronization to include Line of Business data, ensuring accurate and comprehensive information during the syncing process. This enhancement guarantees that related data for the Line of Business is accurately saved and integrated in Proxuma providing users with an enhanced experience.
We are currently working on showing the newly implemented functionalities in the front end and filters.

  • Automated Autotask Zone Update

We’re introducing automated Autotask zone updates to enhance tool stability and efficiency. A monthly script now seamlessly updates Autotask zones for each customer. This automation minimizes tool breakdown risks.

  • Bug fixes

The new update resolves various bugs and improves performance in our tool. This release brings smoother user experiences and faster interactions. Key highlights include bug fixes for sync issues, and planning screen issues. Your feedback is invaluable in making these improvements.

Future Development

Some key focus points of future sprints include:

  • A fully functional Projects module 
  • A direct Outlook integration 
  • Dashboard Widgets