Release 16

Release notes

Release 16 (Released 24/7/2023)

  • Improved Sync
  • We have fixed the sync errors that occurred from strict filtering.
  • We are continuously monitoring the changes and are in the process of optimizing the system. Additionally, we are setting up proactive monitoring to ensure seamless performance.
  • Automated Onboarding. Please note that we did integrate a Security check and must manually approve new customers.
  • Subdomains – Every customer will get his unique domain upon registration.
  • Company administrator – This person can add and manage users
  • User Management – By Default, we will sync all users from Autotask. After which you can choose which ones you would want to give access to Proxuma.
  • Improved Security
  • You can now add and manage your API credentials for improved security and flexibility
  • Migration from Beta Environment to formal OTAP environment
  • All Beta environments are disabled, and all customers and beta customers will go through a full new onboarding with the Proxuma Team.
  • Formal acceptance and live environment are now enabled/active and ready for use. New Customers will be onboarded on our live environment.
  • To ensure everything runs smoothly, we’ve decided to make a crucial change in our approach. We will, after sprint 18, now introduce a brief delay in launching new sprints to our live environment. This change will allow us to work closely with our clients in acceptance environments, ensuring their complete satisfaction before rolling out updates to all our live clients.
  • All clients on acceptance will accept minor bugs but will have first access to new features and optimalization. This full OTAP flow is planned to go live at the end of August.
  • Going live
  • We are preparing for a smooth transition to the live environment and finishing up billing and invoicing.
  • Line of Business (new API call)
  • This feature will be completed within this current Sprint
  • Appointment Sync
  • We can now also sync appointments, and this feature will be completed this current Sprint and available for all customers.

Our primary focus on Sprint 16 has been on optimising the system and addressing various small issues to enhance the overall quality and user experience. We did continue optimalisations in Sprint 17.

We strive to release new features as fast as we can but will focus on Sprint 17 and 18 on optimalization and Security. As part of our commitment to be the best solution for MSP’s we are working with a Security firm on a full Blackbox and Greybox Pentest. What to expect for new features? The first week of October we will be attending DattoCon Miami and have planned to finish the following features:

  • Gantt (Project)boards
  • Kanban Boards
  • Outlook Integration
  • Dashboard(s)