Release 13

Release notes

Release 13 (Released 14/6/2023)

What did we did in this release:

Extended Hours

We’ve added Extended Hours to our platform, giving you the ability to set customized operating hours in your settings. This enhancement allows for planning and scheduling service calls for your Engineers during these extended hours, providing greater flexibility in serving your customers.

Service Call Feature Enhancements 

  • Create Task: You can now create tasks directly within Proxuma. This is then sent to Autotask so that all data can be found in Autotask as well.  
  • Create Ticket: The ticket creation feature is now available, allowing you to manage customer inquiries, issues, or requests seamlessly. This is then sent to Autotask so that all data can be found in Autotask as well. 
  • Create Service Call: Easily initiate new service calls to address specific customer needs or incidents. With just a simple drag and drop, you can now automatically create the service calls for Tasks and Tickets.  
  • Split Service Call: When a service call becomes too complex or requires multiple actions, you can now split it into smaller, more manageable segments. 
  • Delete Service Call: If a service call is no longer relevant or needed, you have the option to delete it. 
  • Copy Service Call: Duplicate service calls quickly for recurring tasks or similar issues, saving you time and effort. 
  • Service Call Updates in “To Plan” List: Keep track of service call updates directly within the To Plan Bucket, ensuring you’re always informed about the latest Tasks, Tickets, and Service Calls. 

Capacity Update

  • Capacity Calculation: We have fixed the bug that led to incorrect capacity calculations after deleting service calls. The system now accurately reflects available capacity after a service call removal. 
  • Capacity Update on Service Call Edit: Capacity will now be appropriately updated when you modify a service call, ensuring that capacity reflects the current workload accurately. 

Bug fixes

The new update resolves various bugs and improves performance in our tool. This release brings smoother user experiences and faster interactions. Key highlights include bug fixes for Capacity, Notifications, and Service Calls, and Resource Settings. Your feedback is invaluable in making these improvements.