Proxuma outlook Integration

Release notes

The direct Outlook Integration is here.

Instead of relying on Autotask’s integration to Outlook and interpreting that API data, we’ve created our own integration directly with Outlook.

What the current release entails:

  • Company Administrators can retrieve calendar events from Outlook for the entire organization. This integration offers a centralized view of your team’s schedules, enhancing your scheduling capabilities. 

Sync Selection Options: 

Company Administrators can select synchronization direction that best suits their needs.  

Options include:  

  • Outlook -> Proxuma 
  • Proxuma -> Outlook 
  • Bidirectional Syncing 


Appointment Display on Planning Screen: 

  • Appointments synced from Outlook will be prominently displayed on the Planning Screen with a distinct yellow color, making them easily identifiable. This ensures that you have a clear overview of your team’s commitments. 


Flexible Filtering Options: 

  • We’ve introduced a new filter option that allows you to show or hide appointments on the Planning Screen. This filter option replaces the existing one based on appointment synchronization with Autotask and ensures you can focus on the information that matters most to you. 


Proxuma Service calls Integration: 

  • The function includes the capability to send upcoming Service calls from Proxuma to Outlook, ensuring that all relevant scheduling data is seamlessly integrated. 

Future enhancements:

An important enhancement to the current integration is for Proxuma to filter by calendar content. We want the MSP to be able to read employee calendars, but for employees to have the flexibility to put things in their calendar that the planner isn’t presented with. People tend to use their calendar for all kinds of purposes, like reminders or marking where they’re going to be working from. These items shouldn’t block a planners’ ability to schedule tasks. That’s why we are currently in advanced works to enable Proxuma to filter by calendar title and content. Words like “PTO” or “lunch” can be filtered for, companies could even start working with acronyms or other key words to ensure items shown in Proxuma are the ones that matter.