Project Management in Proxuma

Release notes

We’ve finally added our first iteration of Project Management.

Our most requested feature is here. This is the first release, over the coming 2-weekly sprints we will further complete project management so you can do all your Project Management from Proxuma.

What the current release entails:

Detail Level Views and Filters: 

  • Show less and Show all task details – You can now toggle between different detail views for a more tailored project management experience. 
  • Options include showing related service calls’ minimum details, or all details. 
  • Filters – As a Project Manager or Planner, you can now create and save custom filters. These filters are highly flexible and customizable, allowing you to precisely tailor what you want to see in the tool. 
  • The filter options mirror those available in the planning screen, providing consistency in your user experience. 


Enhanced Task Management: 

  • Tasks – you can now view and edit detailed information by simply clicking on the tasks. This includes task name, start and end dates, status, task category, estimated hours, actual hours, assigned resources, and task description. 
  • Tasks will also now include the following data to provide you with an exact overview of the status of each task: 
  • Task Estimated Hours 
  • Planned Hours 
  • Actual Hours Worked 
  • Hours Left 
  • Service calls – You can now view scheduled service calls directly from your project screen, ensuring a comprehensive project overview.  
  • You can also filter service calls from your project screen for quick identification and management. 
  • Service calls are seamlessly integrated into the Task Pop-up window, allowing you to access and edit both task and service call details in one place. 


Detailed Task Information: 

  • Week, Month, and Year Overviews: 
  • You now have the option to view overviews by week, month, or year. The month overview displays only dates without time, while the year overview shows weeks without days or time. 

Future enhancements:

We’re currently working on allowing you to create your own projects from Proxuma, so you don’t have to use your PSA at all anymore. Additionally, we’re going to give you much more information at a glance, like costs and granular task data. Stay tuned!