How to Track Authorization Level of Contacts

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How to Track the Authorization Level of Contacts

Do you want to track the authorization level of your contacts? Do you want to see that level in your tickets? In this blog post, we explain how you can set this up easily within your Autotask.

Setting Up

The first thing you need to do is create a User Defined Field (UDF) on contact level, something like “Authorization level”. You can create this UDF with either single select (mostly used) or multi select (if you want to assign more authorizations to a single contact). You can create all the list options you want, and you can choose the level of complexity here.

To do this, first you will want to navigate: > Admin > Features & Settings > Application-wide (Shared) Features > User-Defined Fields.

Autotask User Defined Fields Where to Find

Next you will want to click contacts and add a User-Defined Field.

Autotask Contact Add UDF

Now you can go ahead and select single-select or multi-select.



Autotask UDF Single Select Multi Select

Simple (single select):

  • Yes, every ticket
  • Yes, incidents, service requests, and all changes
  • Yes, incidents, service requests, and standard changes
  • Yes, only incidents and service requests
  • No

Extra (can use multi select):

  • On and offboarding users
  • Changing rights of users
  • Adding applications
  • Create folders
  • Create/SharePoint Teams sites
  • Nonstandard changes
  • Incidents
  • Service requests
  • How-to questions
  • New server
  • Network changes

Now you can use this UDF on all your contacts and set the right authorization level for all your contacts. If you already have this information in a CRM, you can use the API to automatically set this up. If you have this information in Excel with all your contacts, you can also try to use the API to do this for you, but of course, you can do it manually too.

Displaying Information in Tickets

The next step is to show this information in your tickets. You need to set this up for all ticket categories in Autotask. Go to Admin > ServiceDesk > Ticket categories.

Autotask Admin SerciceDesk Ticket Categories

Choose the ticket category, press edit, and go to insights. Here, make the company/contact visible and right-click to customize the insight. The last step is to add the UDF, and you’re done. Repeat these steps for all ticket categories you use.

Edit Ticket Category Company:Contact

From now on, you can see the Authorization level on the top right of your screen by pressing on additional information.

Happy tracking!