How to Create Projects in Autotask


Autotask in a Nutshell

Autotask is a comprehensive tool widely utilized by IT professionals for managing projects and tickets efficiently. Incorporating Autotask into your IT operations will undoubtedly enhance your productivity and client satisfaction. 

What You can Expect to Learn from this Article

After reading this article, you will learn how to simplify the process of creating projects in Autotask, ensuring a seamless experience for users already familiar with the platform. We will delve into the various features and functionalities, focusing on configuration rather than advertising the tool. 

Creating Projects: Basics and Best Practices

Projects in Autotask serve as a distinct section designed for working on specific items, differing from regular tickets. When initiating a project, users have the option to start from scratch or leverage a template, filling out necessary fields such as project number, order number, and associated contracts.



Client Types and Realistic Dates

Autotask allows assignment to different types of clients: default, proposal, and internal.

Setting realistic start and end dates is crucial, accounting for potential delays and verifications.

External project numbers can be obtained from clients or other project systems.

Revenue Costs and Fixed Price Contracts in Autotask Projects

Estimating revenue costs accurately is essential.


Fixed-price contracts can be added to projects, with the contract price matching the quoted amount. 


Expected project charges aid in tracking revenue. 


Team Members and Resource Capacity

Adding team members and adjusting daily resource capacity is a configurable option.

The feature to calculate the duration for fixed work tasks can be toggled on or off. 

Interacting with System Schedule and Notifications

Autotask offers interaction with a system schedule, allowing users to set default internal locations and receive notifications. The platform warns users when scheduling tasks on non-business days and facilitates the creation of workflow rules for on-the-fly notifications. A new project automatically sends notifications to involved individuals, eliminating manual notification.

Project Management and Template Utilization

 Autotask’s project management system enables users to: 

  • Save projects as templates and create reports. 
  • Merge documents and associate tickets with projects.

Track completed tickets and hours booked.



  • Link tickets created from closed opportunities to projects manually.



  • Using templates is a quick and efficient way to initiate a project. Users can import all items from the template or select specific ones, offering flexibility and ease of modification.



  • The system also allows quick modifications to Gantt charts and the option to save charts as project templates.


Advanced Features and Task Management

Autotask boasts various advanced features, including the ability to:

  • Add notes, create calendar items, and make changes to projects


  • Utilize different statuses and tasks
  • Quickly modify and recalculate project schedules
  • Add and delete project settings
  • Create forms with pre-filled information for task preparation




Autotask offers a plethora of features and functionalities for IT professionals seeking to manage projects efficiently. By understanding and configuring these options, users can optimize the platform to suit their specific needs, ensuring successful project execution. For additional assistance or inquiries, users are encouraged to refer to the Autotask help file or join relevant community groups.