Autotask using Projects or Tickets?


When should you use Tickets vs Projects?

As many have pointed out, the project module in Autotask can sometimes appear a bit complex at first. However, with the right approach, it becomes a valuable tool.

Smaller changes qualify as a Ticket

To streamline your usage, the first step is to differentiate between requests that qualify as projects and those that are essentially non-standard changes. Smaller tasks or projects are best managed through tickets with a specific process. This approach allows you to leverage ticket functionalities for change management, including change info fields, approval workflows, and customizable UDFs. You can also employ workflows and notification templates to fine-tune the process. Often things like onboarding a new employee or Microsoft user can be small enough to fall under tickets, even though they are small changes.


Larger changes qualify as a Project

Projects, on the other hand, are substantial changes for your clients. They may encompass multiple tasks and require careful scheduling across a timeline and multiple resources. Effective project management ensures timely delivery and high-quality results, keeping your customers satisfied. Things like installing a new server, upgrading the connectivity, that sort of stuff.

Using Projects

When it comes to managing projects, using templates is a clever strategy. You can create a standard template for typical projects, which can also be utilized by the sales team to set up their quotes, aligning sales and project management. This standard template can serve as a foundation for defining specific projects as well. The goal is to have a template for each type of project you offer. In cases where there isn’t a suitable template, you can start with the standard project template and tailor it to create a new one. This way, you handle the “heavy” part just once, making it reusable for all future projects.
The key is to define the project phases, incorporate standard and specific tasks, create checklists, and coordinate with service calls.

Upgrading your Project Management

Proxuma Projects Screen

Even when you use Projects entirely as the creators of Autotask intended, the functionality is still sometimes limited and other times overcomplicated. That’s why we created Proxuma.

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