Autotask New Customer Onboarding


Onboarding a New Customer in Autotask: Here is What You Need to Know

Customer onboarding is one of the most complicated processes for a business, whether you provide products or services. Most professionals in the industry deploy the most viable option for customer onboarding, but these attempts are only useful if you’re willing to use the right techniques and tools for it.

According to sources, the average cost of customer onboarding a new customer is $280 for every client. It’s why companies and businesses readily use Autotask for easier operations and better ROI.

Onboarding a New Customer in Autotask: All You Need To Know

Customer onboarding has become costlier and more complicated with the inclusion of more businesses in the industry. Professionals use many tools and techniques to acquire more customers, but Autotask tops them all.

It’s because of the tool’s comprehensive features, making it the go-to option for clients from all backgrounds. Here’s an overview of the tool features to help you better comprehend it.

Accounts Team Assignment

A designated account team for customers provides services for specific customers, allowing businesses to tweak their strategies as per client needs.

With the help of this tool, understanding the technical environment and contacts of the customers becomes possible once you have a client onboard. You can contact them via the account teams if you send them a technician for the job.

Customer Identification

The sales process and onboarding new clients can be highly complicated, as it involves a complex process. The process includes contact with several clients and taking follow-ups with them. However, you will need to switch to one-on-one communication once everything is sorted out.

The best way to avoid troubling customers with frequent contact is to identify the main contact for the sales process. It can be someone with authority over the sales decision. Convincing these authorities eases the process, allowing better operations.

With Autotask, you can pick your entire primary task from the designated column; reach out to them as needed—improving the overall process for sales.

Client Portal Enablement

What’s the biggest challenge with customer onboarding? Efficient contact options. Several sales representatives struggle to successfully onboard their clients because of a lack of client structure. Autotask understands new user onboarding and provides client portal enablement. With Autotask, you can create dedicated portals for potential customers and reach out to them as required.

Streamline the Process for Billing

One of the most challenging elements of client onboarding is providing payment and billing options. With the inclusion of the latest tech, customers have become more laid-back, requiring better options for operations. These features can help your customers, specifically with tax payments.

All you have to do is access Autotask for new customer onboarding, add the Tax Region and a Tax ID for the process, and let the tool handle every billing aspect on your behalf. With Autotask, you can also scale the understanding and financial management required.

You can create the required billing structure and set up remote monitoring options. With a tool like Autotask, account management and customer onboarding becomes as simple as possible.

Ease Customer Onboarding with Autotask

Are you tired of onboarding new clients manually? Let Autotask automate the process for you, allowing better customer onboarding. You can take the time to learn the tool and deploy it in your business sales.