Your PSA Resource Planning just got an Upgrade

Proxuma. We replace your manual  planning and make it a streamlined, drag and drop process. You will always know what to do, when to do it and how much time is available.

  • Set-up takes just 15 minutes.
  • 30-Day no questions asked free cancellation!

Big thanks to all MSP’s who are in are Beta Program! Are you next?

With Proxuma, your business will...

Deliver on Promises

See all the information you need to take the right decisions and know which deadlines you can promise to your clients, without e-mails, meetings or calls.

Diederik Twickler Campai

With a big workload it’s important to be 100% in control but it’s hard to have a clear overview. Proxuma gave us back control and through simple drag and drop features, planning a task is done within seconds. We work with Autotask and love the full integration directly from the Dashboard.

Gain Back Time and Lower Overhead

Set deadlines and allocate resources efficiently, through simple drag & drop scheduling and rescheduling. We automate everything in your PSA.

Jeroen Gosselink JG Solutions

As an owner Proxuma gives me the insights I like to see. With Proxuma we eliminated the need for back-and-forth and everyone in the team knows who’s working on what. The Year overview helps to identify and prevent bottlenecks before they will happen.

Prioritise Engineers the Right Way

Filter and sort based on priority, deadlines and SLA’s. We give you all the insights and tools to act on the spot with a drag and a drop.

Luc Pijls Arrows ICT

Engineers can work at Projects but also work on day-to-day tasks and tickets. The combined overview of both tasks and tickets and smart filters helps our planners to Plan fast and reschedule even faster. As an Owner I love that I have a live overview of the workload and the automation saved us so much time. Definitely give it a try!

Know When to Hire New Staff

We give you a multi-year overview, so you can hire new staff accordingly. Resource planning changes from a guessing game to an exact science.

CFO Arcus IT Group

Managing multiple Locations, Teams and Departments can be a challenging as a bigger MSP. We joined the Beta program because they solve our need for enhanced Planning and datadriven resource allocation. There are still a few things to tackle, but we can’t wait to implement Proxuma within our organization!

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Regain control over your planned work

We automate all the processing in your PSA. Just start planning, we do the rest!

  • Simply drag and drop to plan, it’s that easy!
  • Filter your tasks, tickets and projects any way you like.
  • Be in control and know exactly when things get done.
  • Lightning fast search, so you're never waiting.
  • Fully customisable to your way of working.

Average engineer productivity increase


Reduction in time needed for planning and dispatching


Integrated with the Autotask API

  • “We have used Autotask for many years but never knew that we wasted so much valuable time with repetitive tasks. We love Proxuma!”

    Luc Pijls Director Arrows ICT B.V.

Created for MSPs by MSP Specialist Jasper van Horssen of Dxfferent

  • With Proxuma we are 100% in control and planning is so easy!

  • Jasper and his team are 100% committed to make sure that this is the only tool we will ever need and keep improving it!

  • We are in the Beta Program but never did feel like that. The team is professional and handles any question the same day!

  • You can even click within Proxuma and it directly opens the Servicecall, Tasks or Ticket in Autotask.

  • With Proxuma we know exactly wenn we have time, not only short term but also months in advance

  • You can see and feel that it’s created by people who really know MSP’s and our needs

  • They even helped me to optimize how we handle scheduled and unscheduled work and gave Autotask tips

  • Since the start of the Betaprogram they keep adding new Features every two weeks.

  • Didn’t know that we would love it soo much. It makes Planning and Projectmanagement so fast!

  • Every request is taken serious, they even improve or add more then we ask.

  • You can see that they know the MSP market

  • They don’t give themself enough credit, glad to be in the Beta program!

  • The whole setup took me less then 10 minutes.

  • Proxuma has a livechat and they respond lightingfast to my questions and create new FAQ’s.

  • Didn’t even ask for it but they try to make it faster and better everytime!

More speed, insight and productivity for you

Because your time is valuable

  • Automation
  • API
  • Flexibility
  • Freedom
  • Speed
  • Integration
  • Proxuma- Everything is Automated
    Everything is Automated

    With a simple drag and drop you can schedule or reschedule all service calls. In most cases Proxuma knows what to do!

    For detailed editing we show an intelligent pop-up where you can change whatever you want with one click.

  • Proxuma - API Integration
    API Integration

    We pull and push data to Autotask directly! Every change in Autotask and Proxuma is instantly visible in both Proxuma and Autotask. We enhance your existing toolstack, because why change a winning formula? Let’s make it better!

  • Filter, choose and save
    Filter, choose and save

    Want to see only certain members or departments? Only want to see certain Clients, Projects or Statuses? It’s all up to you! Create your personal filters and overviews and save them for later. Sort tickets and tasks on Due Date, First Response and much more.

  • Decide your workflow
    Decide your workflow

    Yes, we have best practices and tips but you decide your workflow and preferences. Set available hours, office hours, default time for tickets or tasks, default Worktypes, default Servicecall status, automated change of Ticket and Task status and much more.

  • Proxuma - Speed

    Planning is quick and responsive. We made sure that Proxuma is lightning fast with incredible caching and performance. We grey out a syncing service call, so you can continue planning the rest!

  • Proxuma - Integrated

    Go directly to the ticket, task or to-do in Autotask with one click. Everything is linked to your Autotask environment! We present and change all needed information in Proxuma and it’s synced live with your Autotask database.

We’ve got you covered

  • Engineer
  • Planner
  • Projectmanager
  • Sales
  • Director
  • Proxuma for engineers

    Know exactly what to do

    Grab a cup of coffee and start working on your tasks. From beginning to end, it’s ready for you and all planned.

    Don’t get overbooked

    We make sure that your planned work is in sync with your available time. Your availability is known and can’t be overbooked.

    Stay flexible and never forget to (re)plan

    No more communication back-and-forth, just change the status of your planned work, tasks or ticket and you or the Planner can easily reschedule.

  • Proxuma for planners

    Insight into Resource Utilization

    Know exactly what your employees are doing for which client. Filter by Department, Resource, Month, Year, and much more.

    Know when to recruit

    Always guessing when you can land a new project or client? That’s history! We give direct insight into your workload. Now you can look Days, Weeks, Months and even Years ahead!

    Decrease overhead

    We automate manual and repetitive tasks. With just a simple drag and drop and smart automation you can plan or replan within seconds, intuitively and without needless complications.

  • Proxuma for project managers

    Know when you can sell

    Back-and-forth emailing, endless meetings and trying to get accurate information about a project is all in the past. Just log into Proxuma and see when you can onboard that new Customer or Project or the current status. Need to change? Just drag and drop, it takes seconds instead of minutes.

    Keep your promises

    Want to know if the Engineers are on track to meet their deadlines? Just log in and see the full process of all tickets and tasks. Simply extend or change work by drag and drop, we do the rest!

    Sell more and better projects

    We give you direct insight in your Projects and tasks, filter on a Project, Client or Workgroup. It’s all there. You can choose between a Plan overview, Gantt chart and Kanban are coming soon as well. Graphs give you direct insight in Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly availability and planned work.

  • Proxuma for sales

    Keep your Promises!

    Know how much availability there is and when you need resources for what project and predict precise available and needed resources based on data. Simply log in and get direct insight when you can promise to deliver work and make your Clients happy!

    Be 100% in control

    Decide who can do what and which resourses you want to plan. Allocate preferences, automation and default roles, status and work types for correct and efficient planning.

    Manage expectations and deadlines

    Know based on data, who is working on which tasks and when you have time for more customers and projects for weeks, months and even years.

  • Proxuma for director

    Be 100% in control

    Don’t you hate it when you can’t tell your clients what the current status is on projects and which items are or aren’t on time? Now you can see the overview and take actions.

    Maximize your resources

    We know how hard it is to find resources, so you want to maximize your available Engineers’ time, right? See directly when there is time left or when you need to resource more Engineers, months in advance!

    Decrease administration

    No more back and forth with different agendas and planning meetings. You are in control and can plan, reschedule and give insight. All at your fingertips.

With Proxuma we get the insights we need

Managing multiple Locations, Teams and Departments can be a challenging for a bigger MSP. We joined the Beta program because they solve our need for enhanced Planning and data driven resource allocation. There are still a few things to tackle but we can’t wait to implement Proxuma within our organization!

Ronald Visscher – CFO Arcus IT Group

Easy onboarding

Get up and running within 15 minutes in three simple steps

1. Set-up API integration

Connect Proxuma with your Autotask. We automatically will get all the data from Autotask into our system.

2. Decide your preferences

Customise your workflow and required automations with simple drop down choices and we do the rest.

3. Start planning

Filter, select, drag and drop what you want to plan or see. Then drag and drop. It just takes 3 seconds!

Is your planning going ok-ish but you...
  • Spending a lot of time looking through various websites(systems) and calendars?
  • Does creating service calls consume a significant amount of time and effort, leading you to avoid using them?
  • Find it challenging to prioritise your tasks?
  • Find it time-consuming to reschedule service calls?
  • Do you struggle to select the right person for each task?
  • Are you lacking an overview of both planned and upcoming work?
  • Do you often feel like you’re not meeting deadlines and are lacking a sense of being in control?
  • Are you unsure about your workload in the upcoming weeks, let alone years?

Schedule a demo

Our experts will show you:

  • How easy it is to plan with just drag and drop
  • How easy it is to be 100% in control
  • All customisation options you need

Schedule a sales call

Our experts will help you:

  • Understand why we built Proxuma
  • Answer all your questions about pricing
  • Understand why we compliment your current setup


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About the people behind Proxuma
The story...

After helping more than 100 companies with his Consultancy firm Dxfferent B.V., where he helps MSPs to optimise Autotask and implement MSP strategies, Jasper saw the same challenges time and time again. Everyone loves Autotask but insight, grip and planning isn’t as perfect as we want, which makes it time-consuming and annoying.

After talking with a lot of clients we knew there was a clear demand for a more efficient planning and project management process. That’s why we created Proxuma. For our existing clients and now available for you as well!

Welcome to your new planning tool.